The company was founded in 1948 by Ahmed Triki. Today all of us at Triki, are very proud to maintain the same values of the founder.

During the last years, the most advanced technology and market-oriented approach are pushing the company to a consistent double-digit growth.

Brand oriented philosophy is the key for our company. Our brands Le Moulin (Halva), Florida (Chewing gum) and Ballon (Bubble gum) are leaders in our home markets: Tunisia and Northern Africa neighbor countries.

Triki is one of the few companies in the confectionery world that has multi technologies with large varieties of packaging. The fact to be born in a small country, Tunisia, with small population, obliged to have different products and this is our best asset for international market.

With fulfilling workplace and efficient use of our resources, Triki’s work team is very proud to belong to the company and it enhances its integrity at work.